Humane, Resourced: A Book of Blogs

21 Mar


I had a moment this week to think about what I achieved last year. There were so many, as 2013 was truly one exceptional year for me, however taking part in the crowdsourced ‘Humane, Resourced: A Book of Blogs’ project made me extremely proud.

This project highlights that there are different types of HR professionals, from different parts of the country and the world that are all blogging about something different and in their own unique voice. You can read more about it in this article written by the man that made this happen: David D’Souza.

I think now is the right time to share the blog I wrote that was published amongst over 50 others. This ‘Book of Blogs’ reached #1 in the Amazon Bestselling HR books and received some great reviews. You can read my favourite here.

It is truly an inspiring project as it gets you thinking just by looking at Simon Heath’s amazing cover. Do we know about the elephants in the room? Yes. Do I have the authority or the guts to point them out? No. Should I? Of Course! By not doing so I am failing my employees…

The book will trigger some thoughts and therefore some actions, so please support this great initiative and buy it here.


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