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Social media for recruitment…cutting through the hype

29 Apr

Only yesterday I was reading a 2009 article found on an American Human Resource magazine. The author, Brent Pearson, was stating that even though Twitter was growing by more than 1000 percent year-on-year and was at the centre of the social media revolution, it was also creating ‘a bit of an irrational sense of urgency’.

He argued that some employers and recruiters were ‘flocking to the hype without giving thought to crucial questions like where does social media sit in the priority list against other important recruitment initiatives?’

I understand that Mr Pearson was just trying to say that if the career site is updated and improved regularly, or if other recruitment fundamentals are optimised, then it’s time to investigate in social media strategies. I do believe that some companies have rushed to join the bandwagon without fixing the fundamentals first.

Mr Pearson did not understand the potential of  Twitter at the time and doesn’t now. He has in fact tweeted only 22 time since June last year. Despite 2 years have passed he still clearly believes that the ‘signal-to-noise ratio is just way too low.’ I might try and contact him and see if he has anything to add to his interesting article…

When reading it I did question if there are any studies that actually analyse the return on investment (ROI). Are there any compelling metrics on social media as a candidate channel? Is it too early? Is it too hard to capture? Could this be a possible gap in the literature?