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An International Perspective

9 Nov

I had never heard of the CIPD before moving to the UK. When I studied for my CIPD qualification, it had (of course) a major focus on the UK job market and on UK employment law. So when this year in the exhibition I kept on hearing Italian, I just had to find out if delegates had actually come from Italy for #CIPD14. Guess what? They had!

Amongst others, I met Chiara Colombo and Valentina Marini, two passionate individuals that work for GSO an Italian HR consultancy with a very strong social and modern approach. These two HR rising stars only had an exhibition pass, but their days were absolutely packed with things to do and content to hear. They could not believe quite how many free sessions there were and how much great content.

Chiara was instantly attracted to come to the #CIPD14 when she saw the partnership between IBM and Monster. She had never seen the social recruitment and technology come together on the HR field before and she is a big fan of both the sponsors. She also wanted to come to develop new contacts, meet new people and compare this to events in Italy.

It was Valentina’s second time at the conference and she had already heard of the CIPD as she moved to London for a short while to attend a course on ‘Performance Management & Reward’. She found it very insightful and she loved CIPD’s approach with learning. She was already sure that her second exhibition was not going to be disappointing; in fact she was even more impressed with the organisation of the event. Valentina and Chiara are both involved with organising and speaking at events around Social Media in HR, employee engagement and psychological capital, therefore they were impressed with all the visual branding not just from CIPD, but from the sponsors and the stands. The quick and innovative way to register and access the exhibition, the scanning of the code by the stands, the materials provided, the attention to details and the fact that you can already register for next years event, are some of the things have impressed these two Milanese HR practitioners.

What they found even more exciting was how even before the conference they managed to link up with some of the attendees via social media and then meet them at the event. They were pleasantly surprised by the willingness of so many delegates to have conversations and ultimately share their knowledge and experience with them. This is something that resonates with me. I remember the first time I attended the conference as a HR student, I was shocked by quite how many senior HR professionals were willing to share their tips and time with me. Had the conference been in Italy there would have been very little chance that a senior HRD would have approached me. Gosh, had the conference been in Italy there would not have been so much free content either. The approach is different and I suppose that back home good content and knowledge is still not quite accessible for everyone.

When I asked them the most important question of all they answered: ‘Of course we will come back next year and we will also make sure that we have the full conference and exhibition ticket! We are also bringing our teams with us as they have to try it out! This is not just a conference, it is an indescribable experience!

See you next year at #CIPD15

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Damiana Casile – #socialHRmcr

16 Sep

My first Google Hangout and not the best of pictures to introduce it… I am dreading to watch the video again. I am not ashamed to admit that despite my love for social media, this is my first ever Google Hangout. This shows that you do not need to know everything there is to know about these new technologies. You can choose what suits you and your needs. Pick and choose from a big and exciting catalogue. Try something out, love it and use it daily or vice versa never use it again. There is no need to be obsessed with social media and none of the speakers at our first ever Social HR conference are. We see the potential in this tool and we understand the change that it has brought to the profession.

Ian Pettigrew has interviewed 4 speakers so far. All the Hangouts are available for you to watch on the CIPD Manchester blog. This will give you an idea of what you can expect to hear/do on the day. I don’t fancy watching my interview again, as I know I will hate it, however it is exciting to be promoting this #socialHRmcr conference.

As I explain in the video, social media has helped me during my studies and professional career. I genuinely believe that it played a huge part in the success of my studies at University and it helped me find the job that I am in now and that I enjoy. I am a HR Advisor heavily focused in employee relations and of course social media has not changed the way I support and advise managers, but it has changed the way I think about myself, the profession, its future, what needs to improve and what needs to change. The learning that is readily available to everyone will trigger some thoughts, will encourage thinking and will ultimately develop you. The blogs I read, or even a tweet might strike the right cord and make you rethink the way you go about things in your professional and personal life. Social keeps you on your toes. It never allows you to become stale and outdated.

As the ‘Social Media Co-ordinator’ for the CIPD Manchester Branch since January 2014 I have spent a bit of time trying to increase our presence especially on Twitter. Since the new year we have had a 40% increase in followers and some incredible coverage from conferences such as ‘Megatrends’ in March 2014, the Annual General Meeting in May and the NAP Conference at the beginning of June. The Branch committee has engaged with new and old members and is keen on getting everyone on board, as we wouldn’t want anyone getting left behind in this social media revolution. This conference/unconference is for everyone, from experts on the subject, to beginners, to business owners, to HR professionals and students. It will be a great chance to experience a different way of learning and a different approach to HR, Recruitment and L&D.

This conference promises to have something for everyone and the best speakers on the subject. You will learn new tools and feel confident in using them and giving social media a go. Book here and see you there!

CIPD Manchester

CIPD Manchester are running an exciting conference, Social HR Manchester, on 16th October 2014. We’re interviewing each of the speakers to give you an idea of what’s in store. For details/to book:

In this fifth interview, Ian Pettigrew is talking with Damiana Casile.

We hope to see you there!

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