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Your Dreams and The Pot

26 Sep

This time last week I was involved in a Sports Day with the kids at the Retrak centres in Kampala, Uganda.


They enjoyed playing football, pig in the middle, flying kites, volleyball, etc. I had forgotten how much fun it was to just throw a ball and run around.


What I really liked about all of the ‘play’ sessions and activities that the staff put together for centre kids and street kids, is that there was always a more of a relaxed sit-down learning session. This time last week I learned about ‘the pot’.


We all got into a massive circle and we were presented with a traditional clay pot. We were then given a piece of paper each where volunteers, staff and children had to write their dream on. We then started singing and dancing and passing the clay pot round. We dropped, one by one our folded piece of paper/our dream into the pot.


After we had all put our dreams in, we carried on dancing, singing and passing the pot to each other, until a member of staff dropped it and the pot shattered into pieces on the floor.


I was so upset. I was upset that the gorgeous pot had broken. I was upset for the kids that looked upset. I was upset for the member of staff that had dropped it. I felt a sense of impotence and confusion that is quite hard to explain. I was surprised at my feelings and upset at the sadness the kids were feeling when asked to describe their emotions.

broken pot

Little did I know that this had all been planned. Why be upset about the pot? Why focus your energy and emotions on that? What matters are our dreams and our dreams were there, they were fine, they were unbroken. It was an excellent lesson on resilience and not losing focus of what is important and what really counts. The sense of relief and happiness after their explanation was palpable. There was hope and determination in understanding that no matter what is happening around you, no matter whatever might be shattering or falling to pieces, if what you want to reach is clear to you and you are focused and committed, you will get there and achieve your dreams.


group with pot